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What is a Chocolate Fountain?

If you have seen or experienced a chocolate fountain before then you’ll know what to expect. However if not let us wet your appetite:

Chocolate fountains are becoming a ‘must have’ at many weddings, parties and corporate events and act as excellent centrepieces to events. Wherever you find a chocolate fountain you’ll find a crowd of people enjoying themselves. As attractions in their own right or as a desert course to a dinner or buffet they will provide a focal point for your event and provide an ideal opportunity for your guests to meet and get to know each other.

Southern Chocolate Fountains currently operate two sizes of chocolate fountains, a medium sized fountain of 35 inches in height and a large fountain at 44 inches. Both fountains require approximately 10 kgs (22 lbs) of the finest Belgian courveture chocolate to operate. We melt the chocolate (dark, milk or creamy white chocolate) and pour it into the pre-heated base of the fountain. When switched on the stainless steel auger running up the centre of the fountains lifts the chocolate to the top of the fountain where it then cascades back down to the base.

Your guests are provided with a range of delicious dips (fresh fruit and confectionary) to dip into the fountain and these are displayed around our two tier custom built illuminated display. Our display can be illuminated with a colour of your choice (perhaps to match a particular wedding colour scheme) or can be set to change colour throughout the event.

Our fully trained, uniformed and friendly operators attend to your guests’ every needs They set up and operate the fountain, keep the fountain topped up with chocolate and ensure that the display is supplied with freshly prepared dips of your choice. Our staff will supply your guests with skewers, plates and napkins and will demonstrate how to use the fountain. They will also dismantle, clean and remove the fountain leaving you to relax enjoy your event.

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